Adopt a donkey

You can adopt any or all of the donkeys below for a minimum of €5 per donkey per month. You will be contributing to guarantee its care and that of other donkeys and mules which have been rescued from cases of negligence, abuse, mistreatment and abandonment.

Once you make your payment you will get an adoption kit together with regular updates from El Refugio del Burrito. Also, we will add you to our mailing list so you can receive our newsletters.

If you have an email address, we can send your certificate in PDF. This will enable us to allocate the total of your contribution to donkey care and will help the environment. Moreover, you will receive four e-Newsletters per year instead of the usual two paper copies.

An adoption makes a great gift too and if it is for a special day, let us know the date and we do our utmost to make sure you receive it in time to give to the person you have bought it for.

If you would like to have a photograph of your adopted donkey (or donkeys), please contact us. We have larger photographs, bookmarks and calendars available to purchase.

Starting from 5 euro/month


My name is Jasmin. I had been abandoned and roaming for 13 years. I survived on river water and long grass she found nearby - but the lack of treatment had left me with grossly overgrown hooves. I could barely walk and my life was at risk. A Good Samaritan called El refugio del Burrito. I was taken to the sanctuary, and following x-rays to ensure that my bones were ok, the expert farrier proceeded to trim my hooves. My life has changed for the better and I enjoy now a life of sanctuary together with 300 other donkeys rescued from abandonment or cruelty. Jasmin represents many donkeys in Spain that after a life of servitude has been abandoned as they were not fit to work anymore. Please adopt Jasmin since 5 Euros a month!
From €5.00 / month Adopt


I am Apache, a pied donkey unique in this sanctuary because of my coloured fur. I lived in Alicante with other five donkeys, where a dealer kept us in a terrible condition. When I arrived to the sanctuary in September 2013 I didn´t like people and I was always scared but with the time and love they gave me, I became loving and very sociable. Adopt Apache starting from 5 euros/month.
From €5.00 / month Adopt

Manolo Garboso

My name is Manolo and I come from Mijas, where I was used as a donkey-taxi. When I was not fit to work any longer, my owner locked me in a very small stable where I stayed for more than 7 months. This caused me problems in my legs, as I could hardly move. In 2015, I was rescued by a German Princess who brought me here. That’s why my colleagues say that my story is almost a fairy tale! Adopt Manolo Garboso starting from 5 euros/month.
From €5.00 / month Adopt


Sometimes, appearances are deceptive: although I look like a young donkey, I am already 14 years old. My name is León (Lion) and I belong to a Sardinian miniature breed of donkeys. I was rescued at the zoo of Napoli, when it was about to close. I share my paddock with other donkeys, where we spend our time running around and playing. My best friend is called Glem and he is also a miniature donkey. Adopt León starting from 5 euros/month.
From €5.00 / month Adopt


My name is Toto and everybody knows me well at the sanctuary. That’s because I was one of the first rescued donkeys, coming from France, back in 2003, when I was just 1 year old. I feel particularly proud about my involvement in the mobile unit of the Donkey Assisted Therapy Programme, which helps improve the socialization, attention and balance of children with special needs. Now, I relax with other donkeys and mules at the sanctuary. Adopt Toto starting from 5 euros/month.
From €5.00 / month Adopt


I am Alicia and I arrived as a stockaway in May 2009: my mother, Nana, was pregnant when she arrived, but nobody suspected it. She had a very tough life with 16 owners in 11 years, from which the last one exchanged her for an old motorcycle. No one thought that she could be pregnant as she was extremely thin. I was therefore a great surprise, when I was born on Mother’s Day. Adopt Alicia starting from 5 euros/month.
From €5.00 / month Adopt